"A Good Father is A Great Man Day"                                            

                                     When: June 17, 2012

                                     Where: Belle Isle, Shelter # 8

                                       Time: 12pm to 7pm 




 Y.F.S.U. is holding our 3nd Annual "Good Father is a Great Man Day" Event & Award ceremony at Belle Isle Park on June 17, 2012.


Last year, we provided a D.J., live performances by local artist and face painting for the children. However, the most memorable part of the event was seeing the excitement on the faces of the three unknowing fathers who were nominated to receive our award, called “A Good Father Is a Great Man.” This award was created to highlight outstanding fathers throughout the City of Detroit who have made sacrifices and endured adversities that come with the full time position of being men and fathers.

Many of today’s fathers were raised in fatherless homes and now struggle with their new found roles. Y.F.S.U. strongly believes that by publicly honoring good fathers and uniting the older generation of fathers with the younger, we will bridge the gap of communication between the two and set higher standards for struggling and ill -equipped fathers. By educating, motivating and highlighting outstanding fathers of the community, Y.F.S.U. will create a new culture of proud and progressive fathers. This strategic event is just one step in our vision to strengthen the community by reverse the negative cycle of fatherlessness that has plagued our city. Your generous donations or sponsorship will provide us with the resources we need in our continuous efforts to strengthen the community by educating young fathers.



         Dallas Tate 2010 nominee of our award



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  • Decrease the amount of H.I.V cases among the youth, through education and awareness.

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